Meet Our MD

Glyn is a tireless seeker of perfection, occasional purveyor of wisdom, with a touch of mellow smoothness. He is an agent of change who basically specialises in convincing people to give a shit. Don’t let his clean lines and penchant for a full bodied (French) red wine fool you, he is an aggressive problem solver dedicated to producing results and loves translating complex situations into game changing solutions.

Glyn is a seasoned professional, a passionate leader with a proven track record and has worn every hat on the rack and leapt tall buildings in a single bound.

Throughout his career he’s had the pleasure to work with a multitude of startups, small and large scale organisations throughout the UK making the magic happen.

When Glyn is not getting on everyone’s nerves for showing up for work on time every day (so annoying), he can be found wandering aimlessly around his local golf course, upsetting the neighbours by playing (rock) guitar and trying to teach life skills to his 12-year old daughter, who you guessed it, doesn’t listen to Dad.

Glyn holds a Masters from Coventry University together with a degree in giving the milk out and cleaning the blackboard.

(By the way, that's Glyn in the picture frame on the left)

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